How you can help

Without the ability to gather together, theatre seemingly doesn’t exist. Yet it does. All the wonderfully talented theatre practitioners are all still out there. If we can only provide a space for them to still create, then theatre lives. 

By supporting this project, you’ll be helping Two Lines provide that space. You’ll be enabling us to explore how technology can transform theatrical storytelling, and to bring this wonderful play directly into the homes of our audience. 

We are working to a budget of £20,000. We’re currently applying to the Arts Council for the main bulk of funding but we’re also looking to raise £5,000 from the generosity of private Donors. Any amount to help hit this target would be gratefully received and would: 

  • Enable us to secure the technology required in order to make this project a reality. 
  • Help us train up our new ‘Zoom Master’. This is the most important role in live online theatre. A Zoom Master is the stage manager, live editor and vision mixer of Zoom theatre. 
  • Allow us to offer subsidized tickets to trade union members from across the UK as well as students and those who have been hardest hit economically by the pandemic. 
  • Help us to deliver an engaging post show discussion with a rich and varied selection of invited panelists. 
By supporting us with a gift of £500+ you’d be joining our team at the start of this journey. You’d receive: • 2 complimentary tickets for the show. Each ticket is for one device so you could share this with friends or family from another household. • An opportunity to be part of the process from the beginning with an invitation to attend the first read through.
By supporting us with a gift of £1000+ you’d become one of our major Donors and to show our gratitude, you’d receive: • 5 complimentary tickets to share with family or friends. Each ticket is for one device so that could be extended to 5 households. • A VIP post- show breakout room. A private Zoom room for you and your guests to share a drink and mingle with some of the company. • The opportunity to be closer to our process. As well as an invitation to the first readthrough, there will be opportunity to have a sneaky peak into some of our rehearsals to get a sense of how this new medium of theatre is put together.

The generosity of all our supporters will be acknowledged in our virtual programme and on our website and you’ll receive regular updates on this project and on all future projects.